The Journey Begins

I’ll never forget the day I decided to become a teacher. I was 8 years old and helping my aunt decorate her 3rd grade classroom on a hot August afternoon. Together we put up bulletin boards, taped name tags to desks, and made sure all of the pencils were sharpened and ready to go. Oh what fun we had in preparation for another school year full of so much potential! I still get excited about those things today!

Fast forward a few decades, and I am now helping teachers create lessons so that they can have time to breathe and enjoy life a bit more. With over 20 years of experience in the classroom, I have taught grades K-8 in the areas of ELA, US History, and Technology. There is no greater joy than helping a child find success, and as a teacher, we all live for those “lightbulb” moments when they finally get it.

Now my focus has shifted from students to their teachers who work with them tirelessly every single day. My passion is to help educators, and in doing so, I am helping the students they serve. I am hoping to reignite the spark that inspired them to enter the classroom in the first place. I am also encouraging others to follow their dreams as I am pursuing my own.

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