The Joys of Summer

Ahhhhh, summer. The running joke is that the top 3 reasons to be a teacher are June, July, and August. As an educator, I remember counting the days until school was out. (Some years I started earlier than others!) The main reason I looked forward to the break was to spend more time with my 4 children. My memory takes me back to those carefree days with no alarms or crazy mornings trying to get everyone to his or her destination on time. We took day trips, went to the pool, had picnics, and also took vacations after looooooooooooooooong rides in the minivan.

Summer is not just for relaxation. Many teachers complete professional development during their time off. Others work a 2nd (or 3rd) job to make some extra cash.  Most will catch up with all the chores that got put to the side when school was in session. I remember my “to do” list that I created every year. I usually got to it just as school was going to resume so that I could feel a sense of accomplishment when I went back to work. You already know that the time goes by all too quickly.

Whatever you are doing this summer, I hope that you can take some time for yourself and just breathe. Once the school year begins, it is so hard to find a moment for yourself and just be. I remember those days all too well and honestly miss them at times. My kids are grown, and I am no longer teaching. What I wouldn’t give for just one day of the chaos I often tried to avoid and admittedly complained about a bit too much.

I am all about setting goals, following your dreams, and making the most out of life. However, I hope you can take care of you and recharge those batteries. Summer will be over before you know it as those “back to school” sales will soon remind us. Until then, take care of you so you can take care of them. You make a difference, and I so appreciate all you do to help kids achieve their dreams. Enjoy and embrace the rest of your time off; you deserve it!

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