About Me

Meet Michele Rae Eich

My best accomplishment in life is that 4 amazing people call me “Mom.” I am married to my best friend, Lynn, and he puts up with all of my crazy adventures. Together we have six wonderful children and 3 grandsons. I enjoy being a teacher and am passionate about education. I love to travel, read, write, and speak about things that are important to me like knowing your true identity and following big dreams. When my husband and I have free time, you might find us floating on our pontoon boat called “Sunny Daze,” which is named after our beloved golden retriever, Sunshine.

About “Mari”

A few years ago, I wrote a short story entitled “Mari.” I shared it with some special people and put it on a shelf. Five years passed, and I felt a tug on my heart to dust it off and work with it again. I loved the story of the little caterpillar who, against all odds, stood up to the bullies and followed her dreams, no matter how impossible they seemed. I felt that this was an important message to share with children of all ages, so I began the monumental process of trying to get a book published.

As often happens when we decide to step out, things began to come together. I hired an author coach to be my “Sherpa” on this journey. I searched high and low for an illustrator who could captivate Mari’s personality. (I still need a stencil to draw a stick person!) Several moments of convergence encouraged me to keep moving forward despite opposition, and in 2017 my dream came true! “Mari” emerged onto the scene with beautiful illustrations in full color. I had published my first children’s book, and I was thrilled.

Now I am ready to share her story with the world. It is my hope that I can provide quality resources that go along with the book that is also published in Spanish. In addition to that, I will be speaking in schools, libraries, and other venues as I share the message of “Dreaming Big Despite the Opposition.” Mari is the story for every dreamer and overcomer who refused to give up. It is a message that I have lived out in my own life as well for I was once “stuck” in the bog like she was.